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This wiki can be used in many ways:

  • the trainer publishes his course materials:
    • after a face-to-face session (traditional use);
    • before: the face-to-face session can then be devoted to practical applications (flipped classroom);
  • learners publish the results of their work:
    • collective construction of the written record following exploratory activities (inquiry-based learning, socio-constructivism);
    • “communication” component of a project or documentary research (project-based learning);
    • using a wiki contributes to media literacy and digital skills.
Access rights
  • By default, any visitor to the site can read any article. The publication of some content may however be deferred for specific groups owing to the chosen pedagogical modality (traditional or flipped classroom).
  • Only authenticated learners can edit an article.
    • Be careful! Each learner has a personal account, which allows to track the contributions of each…
    • A equation editor is available (in addition to the DokuWiki syntax).
    • Learners designated by their group will also have the right to add pages to the wiki.
  • Uploading resources (images, videos…) is reserved for trainers.

The basic technique is of course to follow the links, for example this one. The “Trace” (at the top of each page) may also prove helpful: it gives the history of the pages viewed during the session.

Otherwise, contents can be directly searched by keywords (at the top).

Last but not least, contents are classified with namespaces structured as follows:

  • content written by a trainer: <training>:<module>:<page>;
  • content written by learners: <year>:<project>:<page>.

Everyone can browse this classification via the “Sitemap”.
N.B. The site map is in the “Tools” drop-down menu when visiting the site from a smartphone.

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